Salam Azizam teaser

February 2015, a bunch of swiss riders from the project "We ride in Iran" are traveling to Iran to meet their friend Sina Shamyani. Sina is a ski instructor from Tehran living his passion: skiing. Salam Azizam follows Sina and his iranian friends during a road trip around Iran. The movie, that will be online in November 2015, brings you inside the ski freeride community in a country full of contrasts. Living for skiing is universal.

A film by Jules Guarneri
Produced by Arnaud Cottet
Executive producers: Amir Raieszadeh, Greg Tuscher, Rolf Bissig, Ruedi Flück
Featuring Sina Shamyani, Reza Tabazade, Shervin Heyadatzadeh, Arnaud Cottet, Ruedi Flück, Greg Tuscher, Rolf Bissig, Benoît Goncerut.